Just wanna be like the cool kids

Riot Golf is all about shaking up the norm, and thankfully we aren’t the only ones. A new wave of post-pandemic golfers wants to bring their own style sense to the green. They want to look the part *enough*, but not be a spitting image of the next guy or girl out there (and definitely not look like their parents, or pros for that matter, no offense Tiger). Wearing a collar is fun, but adding a hoodie or fun golf sweater, and some street sneakers is better. Whether you’re a sporty type, or err on the side of classic cool, brands are finally making some decent golf clothes and gear. At Riot Golf, we like to mix up styles and eras, change our golf look and try on new styles. We don’t like to be pigeon-holed. All we know is, our trendy golf look needs to be fun, needs to function on the golf course, and needs to have a nod to  and love forgolf.

 We came across a recent article that had some good insights: “The best golf clothing brands are not who you’d expect. Sure, the old heads are very much in the mix, but the game is being transformed by a creative set who are just now falling in love with golf. Whether they grew up on skateboarding, hardcore music, or fine art, this class of upstarts is bringing a whole new spirit and vibe to the golf course—one that is very much welcome in 2024.” Check out the whole article in GQ.

Getting some staples from the bigger brands is always a safe bet, and when you want to add a bit more fun to your look, check out what the smaller brands are doing. We are big fans of taking what you have and adding unique pops of color and detail. Your golf shoes can always get an upgrade without buying a new pair. Our pop on kilties do the trick or even adding a tassel or two for a color pop. We are proud to launch our birdie sweater collection for some birdie luck in your autumn golf game. Be sure to check them out and sign up for our email list to get special discounts!  

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