Golf Up Your Style

Welcome to the green. We love golf, you love golf. And we’re here to help you style up your game. What to wear… it matters, am-i-right?!

Out with stuffy golf wear. We want to shake things up on the green by mixing bold, iconic and playful designs with a pinch of classic golf to give your look a fresh vibe.

Our pieces will take you from meh to hell-yeah and give your game a little kick.

it started with a song...

The name Riot Golf was inspired by the punk band The Clash. Their song "White Riot" was intended to inspire disruption and breaking through the norm. ‘Having a riot’ also means ‘to have a blast’ and that's exactly how we roll on and off the golf course.

It means changing the status quo of golf, from a societal and fashion point of view. It’s about the acceptance of everyone who wants to play and how you want to look and feel playing it.

You in?

we're talking you you, kid.

We see you partying with the caddies out back. A country club rebel in the making. Spotted you at the local public course, mulligan proud. Maybe you’re just golf-curious? Hey, gotta start somewhere. As long as you got a little wild side, we want you on our team. We are for everyone, as golf should be. On the green, off the green, and everywhere in the meantime. 

dolce vita.

Our Founder & Designer, Kirsten, has traveled and lived around the world, picking up favorite bits of culture *and key expressions* along the way. Her passion for golf was re-ignited while living the Dolce Vita in Italy: fashion, sport and Campari on the 19th.

Now back home in the American South, the fun continues through Riot.Golf. With her background in footwear design for brands like Nike and Footjoy, she’s excited to bring you a new version of golf-cool.

Jump in the cart and come play.