What made golf cool?

Growing up, golf was never on my radar… I was a swimmer who hung around the punk/skater creative set.

As many women have experienced, my first intro to the game was through a boyfriend. I immediately fell in love with golf, and ditched the guy eventually.

The way I approached golf then continues to be the way I approach it now: how can this be a fun few hours and what can I wear to make it even better? That means not taking myself seriously, and having fun with my golf look.

Thanks to COVID, golf has grown to be more inclusive, younger, and increased the number of beginner women. Great new brands and styles are appearing on the green and street; what was the traditional look just isn’t going to cut it for the new-comers. It’s not the stodgy-old-guy-sport anymore.

“With the golf aesthetic on the rise, new golf brands have cropped up to serve a customer base looking for golf clothes that aren't ugly.” says Tim Marcin in a Mashable article.

“Golf and golf style used to be solely for avid golfers. The serious folks who probably aren't much fun to play alongside. But now golf is becoming more commonly enjoyed, and it's led to an emerging aesthetic that's less centered on the actual sport and more focused on the spirit of the pastime.” says Tim Marcin in a Mashable article. Follow the link to read more about  to this rise of awesome in golf, and how online and social media have helped:  Online, Golf is for Everyone

I’d love to hear your thoughts. How do you keep golf fun? What do you do to make your golf outfit cool and unique?

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